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Abigail B. Calkin

Where: Gustavus
Genre(s): fiction, poetry, and literary nonfiction
Job(s): author, behavior analyst

Email: abc (at)

Favorite Places in Alaska: At or in the ocean, on the beach, in mountains, or back country.

Bio: I’m from New England and New York's Greenwich Village, but feel most comfortable in the remoteness and solitude of ocean, mountains, and winter. After a career in special education, university teaching, and public school administration, I've settled into a life of writing poetry, novels, and nonfiction as well as work and writing in behavior analysis.


  • The Soul of My Soldier (memoir/military), Familius, 2015
  • The Carolyne Letters (novel), Familius, 2013
  • The Night Orion Fell (nonfiction/commercial fishing), self-published, 2012
  • Change Your Feelings, Change Your Life (nonfiction), Behavior Research Company, 2009
  • Nikolin (fiction), Northwest Publishing, Inc., 1994

Work Online:

Please contact me for classes, lectures, readings and manuscript consultations.
I work with young writers and community writers.
Special Interests:
I have a particular interest in military writers, poetry, nature writers, and commercial fishing.

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Listing last updated: May, 2016

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