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Cassandra Rankin

Where: Kenai Peninsula
Genre(s): literary nonfiction and essays
Job(s): Homemaker, miniature horse wrangler, small farm keeper

Email: cedarbarnbooks (at)

Favorite Places in Alaska: Our loud and well-loved home on the North Road, Captain Cook State Park, Homer...any time of the year.

Bio: Cassandra Rankin hails from Michigan, but since 1997, she proudly calls Alaska home. She and her husband raise their four children on a crazy little farm which boasts an ever-changing clump of animals.

Cassandra blogs at This Crazy Little Farm, is a founding member of the North Road Writers Group, and in 2014, she won first place for Inspirational writing in the 83rd annual worldwide writing contest for Writer's Digest magazine.

Annie Spruce is Cassandra's first book-length project.


  • Annie Spruce: The Dog that Didn't Die (creative nonfiction), Cedar Barn Books, 2014

Please contact me for readings and lectures.
I work with young writers.
Special Interests:
I have a particular interest in moms, homeschool families, young writers, and troubled youths.

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Listing last updated: June, 2015

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